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Networks Book

  • November 2009 - Heavy Everywhere® announces the release of the first publication: Networks. Featuring a selection of Phil Wolstenholme's latest photographic work, the luxury hardback edition is 13" X 11", 116 pages with 92 color plates, and includes the large-scale composite works recently exhibited in Blank Screen Syndrome. The book also features a lengthy introduction by Phil on his digital manipulation techniques.
    For more information, go to the Phil Wolstenholme website, or to purchase, visit the Blurb Bookstore.

  • October 2009 - Nine Heavy Everywhere® canvases exhibiting in Dosanj luxury Indian restaurant, The Plaza, Sheffield. All works are for sale, and large-scale versions are available to order.

  • July 2009 - a major exhibition of Phil Wolstenholme's career to date, Blank Screen Syndrome, at The Workstation, Sheffield, opens from July 23rd - August 17th, 2009 (extended to August 28th).
    The exhibition includes Heavy Everywhere® framed wall-art, one of the Imagine tapestries, and previews of the SUPERNATURE cruisewear range, as well as examples of Phil's CGI album-cover work and giant, hyper-real photography project Wide Area Network.


  • December 2008 - SUPERNATURE Cruisewear range featured in the 'C'est nouveau' section of Intima magazine, France. 

  • September 2008 - Heavy Everywhere Limited announces a partnership with Artezone Ltd. to produce a luxury range of designer Cruisewear through a new fashion label SUPERNATURE, utilising Heavy Everywhere® fabric designs throughout. The collection is premiered at Mode-City Paris Expo on 6-8 September, 2008, Booth A45.

  • August 2008 - Heavy Everywhere® collectable art prints by Phil Wolstenholme will shortly be available, via a new Print Store. The range will feature some of the most beautiful fractal compositions available, in a variety of sizes and media. More info soon.

  • May 2008 - Heavy Everywhere® designs used in the development of a new collection of luxury ladies' swim/beachwear and scarves. More info soon.

  • March 2007 - Collaboration with Danielle Lara Couture to produce a bespoke ballgown for a private client, utilising Heavy Everywhere® designs exclusively throughout.

  • September 2006 - Major feature in Digital Textile online magazine about Heavy Everywhere® fabric designs, including an interview with Phil Wolstenholme.

  • July 2006 - Phil participates in a joint exhibition of visual art and music, entitled Imagine at La Chartreuse de Valbonne in Provence, France, with Fred de Fred of The Lovers.
    The exhibition features very large-scale (nearly 3m square) Heavy Everywhere® fabric pieces, CGI imagery printed on glass, and video/animation, each with a music soundtrack. A limited-edition album of the music by Fred de Fred, with artwork by Phil Wolstenholme is also produced for the exhibition, and a full-length version is now available as The Loungitude.

  • June 2006 - Collaboration with CoCu Corset Couture to produce a bespoke outfit for Marion Benoist, singer with The Lovers, utilising Heavy Everywhere® designs exclusively throughout. See the HERLab gallery for example photos.

  • March 2006 - In Warp - Labels Unlimited, by Rob Young, editor of The Wire, an entire chapter is devoted to Phil's CG album artwork for Warp Records. The book also features an in-depth interview with Phil and examples of all the album and video covers, and is available now from Amazon.

  • October 2005 - Idea Magazine of Japan runs a huge feature on Warp Records cover art in the October 2005 edition, featuring high-quality examples of most of Phil's album cover art, including a rare unseen original of the 'Pioneers of the Hypnotic Groove' cover art.
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