ImageThe Fabrics Gallery features current examples of Heavy Everywhere® designs printed on silk, although designs are available on practically any fabric, and samples are available to order.
The printing is of the highest quality, at 300 dpi, and the colour and detail are genuinely astonishing. Each design is multi-layered, with an amazing level of variation in colourways possible. The fabric designs can also be infinitely zoomed, panned, rotated and manipulated, to produce 'families' of designs with completely unique characteristics.

The HERLab Gallery features prototype garments, as well as computer-generated prototyping of Heavy Everywhere® designs as applied to real-world objects, including fashion, ceramics and furniture. The gallery will be updated with new examples.

The Prints Gallery features the first collection of Heavy Everywhere® wall-art, and all images are available to purchase on canvas or any other medium at virtually any size that is practically possible. Please enquire for further details and pricing.

Further examples and information on projects in progress are available to registered users/partners. If you would like to register, or would like more information, please use the Contact Us form, giving your contact details, and your interest in the Heavy Everywhere® product range.

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