About Heavy Everywhere®


Heavy Everywhere Ltd. is a publishing company formed to release the commercial fractal designs and fine art of CG artist Phil Wolstenholme, and to continue to develop an entirely new and exciting method of pattern design, with applications in fashion, fine art, interior design, print and accessories.

Fractal-based designs possess a level of detail that has to be seen to be appreciated, and retain an infinite variety of pattern, shape and complexity never previously available with traditional design methods. In addition, the designs are infinitely scalable, allowing zooming and panning and non-repeating patterns on fabrics.

The designs are also available for fine art, print and publishing, digital platforms and for decorating a variety of commercial products, and we are happy to discuss proposals for large-scale projects, with images up to 30 metres square at 300 dpi being possible.

Heavy Everywhere® also publishes the artwork of Phil Wolstenholme, including photography and computer graphics. To find out more about the company, and our unique designs and processes, please check the menu links.

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